Golden City Support Services is a My Aged Cared provider supporting older people and people with dementia and their families. The specialist service supports people to continue to live actively in their home, and community.

This year Golden City Support Services are celebrating 40 years of support in their community.

This local Bendigo support organization has grown dramatically. Initially there were 19 people involved through a network of families providing community- based and personalised accommodation support. Now the organisation delivers tailored services to over 350 people and their families, this includes older people and people with dementia.

Golden City Support Services understand that social relationships are important for people’s quality of life. John is a support person who has been running a social group for men in the early stages of dementia for 12 years.

“We come up with solutions to over come barriers that people with dementia may experience getting out into the community and enjoying the company of friends,” says John. “We provide support and access – like assistance with communication and social connection so that people can participate at a level that suits them.”

Recently they took a day trip to the silo art trail to admire the new art work on the Rochester silos.

Terry is a regular who says that meeting up every Thursday is good for his health and is good relaxation. “It keeps me sane because I get out of the house – it just seems to work for me.”

“Our studies into learning from older people who are socially connected informs the programs we design and the support we provide for older people and their families,” says Ian McLean CEO of Golden City Support Services.

“We know that meaningful participation and social involvement contribute to aging well. Our services include support with day-to-day activities and opportunities for people with early dementia and their carers to enjoy activities and stay connected to their community of choice.”