Gender Pay Gap Employer Statement

Golden City Support Services is committed to gender equality and gender diversity in the workplace.

We operate in an industry that has traditionally attracted and employed a high percentage of women.

Analysis of an organisation’s gender pay gap can provide an important insight into an organisation’s progress towards gender equality.

In January 2024 we undertook what will become an annual gender pay gap analysis. Along with other indicators, the gender pay gap analysis will assist Golden City Support Services in driving our commitment to gender equality.

Our analysis is based on data submitted to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency submitted in April 2023, so it is a snapshot in time, which we undertake April each year.

Overall, our gender pay gap analysis indicates that, on average, across our whole workforce, men are paid slightly more than women; but there are variations in different groups within our agency where for some types of roles women on average are paid more than men on average.

Over the coming year we are committed to better understand what drives the gender pay gap at Golden City Support Services. We understand there are likely internal drivers, as well as external drivers and we need to better understand what these drivers are, to ensure we continue to develop and implement initiatives that support our commitment to workplace gender equality.