Making a Complaint

Why we need to hear from you

Golden City Support Services is proud of the quality support services we provide.

We have systems in place that measure the quality of supports and a team that continually coaches our support team.

But we also understand that we can get it wrong at times and not live up to the expectations of our customers and our own standards.

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What is a complaint

A complaint is where any of our customers (and by customers we mean anybody we support or their family, other carers or friends) believe our service hasn’t measured up to expectations.

How to make a complaint to GCSS – there is no wrong door

When you want to make a complaint directly to Golden City Support Services we have available a number of ways for you to do so:

  • Call 1800 001 005 and our Customer Support Team or Reception Team will take your complaint.
  • Email
  • Speak directly to a frontline supervisor or our support staff
  • Speak to our reception staff at 1st floor 48 Mundy Street Bendigo
  • Write to Golden City Support Services
    PO Box 297
    BENDIGO 3552

What happens when you make a complaint to GCSS

When you make a complaint it is logged in our confidential complaints system and an appropriate senior manager is assigned to take responsibility for the complaint.

You will receive a phone call or return email from the manager who has been assigned your complaint. They will keep you informed as to the progression of the complaint and you can speak with them regarding any further information or concerns.

As the nature and complexity of complaints can vary greatly, the way GCSS handles your complaint can also vary. Some complaints may be straight forward to resolve and some will require formal internal investigations therefore the time to resolve a complaint may vary.

Other avenues for complaints

You may not want to complain directly to Golden City Support Services. There are a number of other ways you can make a complaint.

Other ways to make a complaint

Tell us what’s working well

From time to time our customers take the time to tell us we are doing a good job.

We like to hear these comments and stories. It contributes to us further improving our services by understanding from the customer perspective what has worked well.

If you’d like to share a positive experience then please –

  • Call 1800 001 005
  • Email
  • Speak directly to our support staff
  • Speak to our reception staff at 1st floor 48 Mundy Street Bendigo
  • Write to Golden City Support Services
    PO Box 297
    BENDIGO 3552