Staff Logins

GCSS Email

Access your GCSS Email account through a web browser such as Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer from your PC or Mobile devices.

Your email account can also be connected to your mobile phone – contact Rostering if assistance is required.

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Remote Server access

Remotely connect to the server for applications like Microster and ProSims.
Internet Explorer Only – Chrome and Firefox are not supported.

If you need to access from a Tablet or Apple computer, please contact the IT department.

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Submit an Helpdesk request for maintenance/IT or ProSims issues.

Use your login details.

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GCSS Incident Reporting

Submit an incident report for a participant.

Page not optimised for mobile devices, so access via a computer is preferred.

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Password Reset

Support staff can reset their passwords via visiting the link below.

Office staff must contact the IT Department.

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Flo (Staff Intranet)

Flo is where you’ll find all of GCSS’s policies, procedures and forms.

Access via PC is preferred as features will be limited on mobile/tablet.

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ProSims TimeOnline

Login to TimeOnline to check in and out of shift, request leave and more….

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