Under the NDIS respite is known as Short-Term Accommodation.
Planned Short-Term Respite can be a fantastic experience for people with a disability; offering opportunities to be involved in activities or outings, new experiences, meet new friends and build independence away from family and their usual accommodation.

At Golden City Support Services, our planned Short-Term Respite is provided in specifically designed respite homes in Bendigo and Gisborne.

If you are a carer planned respite is a great option when you need time to recharge or to attend to other commitments on the weekend or during the week.

Golden City Support Services CEO Ian McLean, says that transition into planned short-term respite is important for successful regular respite.

Ian said, “At Golden City Support Services we work to create successful ‘away-from-home’ experiences for the people we support in planned short-term.” “There are so many benefits for both the person receiving respite and their family.”

Stephen has regular planned short-term respite at the Gisborne Respite Home. He loves to cook and be independent in the kitchen with the new friends he has made.

Stephen’s Mum, Maureen, recently enjoyed a meal cooked at home by Stephen. “Stephen is achieving his goals, thanks to the support of his respite team,” she said.

“Last Tuesday he cooked pasta for our dinner! The following night he told us he wants to be more independent and insisted that he do the dishes.”

If you have respite (short-term accommodation) available in your plan, Golden City Support Services will work with you and your family members to plan short-term accommodation experiences.

“Our team are coached to provide support in ways that have been proven to make a real difference in people’s lives,” says Ian.

For more information about planned short-term accommodation and to see if we have a place for you contact Golden City Support Services on 1800 001 005