Wayne’s advice to anyone who is invited to try something new is; “Give it a go.”

He never knew that he could paint. It is a new passion that gets him up every day. “Before I tried painting at the Access Creative Studios I was just sitting at home; now I am motivated,” he said.

Tammy, Wayne’s Golden City Support Services Support Coordinator, suggested that he might like to visit and see what happens at the Access Creative Studios. At first, Wayne admits he wasn’t sure about this idea but found he felt comfortable at the studios.

“I discovered something new about myself, I never knew – I can paint! I feel good when I paint.”

“I have made new friends here – it is like a little family,” he said.

“I make sure everyone has a cuppa, and I even drop into the studio for a visit – to say Hello and share a cuppa.”

“I like painting animals.” Wayne’s recent body of artwork features gorillas, cats, giraffe and also a Christmas wombat series. “Animals bring a lot of joy into your life,” he explains. “They make you feel comfortable and calm. Animals are soothing.”

Wayne wants his viewers to enjoy his artwork and realise that painting is something that is worth doing.

“You should give it a go to try something new,” says Wayne. “You might think you can’t do it, but there is always the opportunity to discover.”