It happens to all of us – sometimes the same routine stops giving us challenges and meaning, and we are ready to try something new.

Ross, a man with a disability, has been attending the same day program for over a decade. He was ready for a change, to try new activities and meet new people.

With his new NDIS Plan, that provides for one on one support, he is actively making a change in his life and choosing to try new activities indoors and outdoors.

Maddie, Ross’s support person, found out about Sailability on Facebook and suggested it to Ross as one activity he might like to try.

Ross is developing quite a knack for creative crafts and is enjoying expressing himself through this. Getting into making and creating has given Ross an opportunity to exercise his hands and arms more frequently with a noticeable increase in his motor skills.

As a result, Ross has become more independently mobile and confident in the use of his wheelchair. This is a bonus for Ross. With increased mobility and confidence he is going out with his partner more often.