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Lee-Ellen is someone who has great organising and scheduling skills.

At Creative Links, Lee-Ellen talked about how she manages taxis in Bendigo, as well as helping out others she knows. Together with the Creative Links team, she approached Bendigo Taxis to see if there might be some way for her skills to be developed in a work environment.

Colin at Bendigo Taxis was very receptive to exploring this and agreed to have Lee-Ellen come into the taxi office to gain some hands-on experience with a busy taxi dispatch room.

The taxi office is not a big building and Lee-Ellen’s wheelchair only just made it in, but that didn’t discourage Lee-Ellen or the taxi company!

For a couple of hours each fortnight, Lee-Ellen has been answering calls and learning how to book taxi drivers on the computer system that sets up each job for the wheelchair-accessible vehicles.

She has quickly gone from observing to practising all of the process herself; answering the calls and making the computer bookings.

It has been a great experience for Lee-Ellen and also for the people in the taxi office. “From little acorns, big results come,’ says Colin of Bendigo Taxi’s. “We are so pleased that Lee-Ellen’s time with us has lead to a part-time employment opportunity at Arnold Street Gallery working on their databases.”