Thankyou for your interest in applying for a position at Golden City Support Services. Becoming a Disability Support Worker is a rewarding position, supporting people with disability to connect with and participate in their community. Below is some detail around the services we provide and how we provide them. If you think this matches to your skills and interests, please follow the link to continue to our Application Form.

Mental Health: (Supporting individuals and groups in the community)

Golden City Support Services has a dedicated area of mental health supports that assists participants to access and contribute to their community, to build and maintain positive relationships, and complete daily living tasks. We also support many participants who have a dual disability, which is a disability paired with a mental health condition.

Frail Aged and Dementia: (Supporting individuals in an in home, community and/or group setting)

When supporting someone in aged care we may be required to enable participants with tasks such as assisting them with grocery shopping, to do their banking, attend a medical appointment or fitness group as well as work alongside them with food preparation and completing basic household tasks.

Participants in this area may be very isolated due to restricted physical capabilities as well as not having many natural supports around them and the potential prevalence of dementia. Our role in supporting someone in this area is therefore an important one to support people with their social, emotional and physical health.

There are many aspects to supporting people in this area but just as importantly we are there to provide support to keep people connected to the community around them, and assisting them to maintain personal relationships. Support staff also provide social contact and that can be in the form of something as simple as a cuppa and a chat.

Community based work not in people’s home (supporting individuals and groups in the community).

Accessing the community and being a part of your community is important. Supports in this area assist people to complete their grocery shopping, to do their banking, attend a medical appointment or fitness group.

Community based in people’s homes (supporting individuals in their homes)

Participants in this support area live in their home independently and require assistance to maintain this living arrangement. We work alongside them where necessary to assist with food preparation and completing basic household tasks.

Short-term accommodation or Residential home (Supporting people to live in a home setting or overnight group short-term accommodation. Includes rostered sleepovers – paid sleepover allowance in staff sleepover room).

We support participants at several residential settings (Bendigo and Echuca), both in an individual and group capacity. Supports are 24/7 and assist people in activities of daily living, everyday independence, accessing the community, living in their own home and achieving the participant’s goals.

We also support participants in several respite settings. Golden City Support Services has three houses (two in Bendigo, one in Gisborne) which operate using a booking-based system to provide support for up to five participants at any one time. Each participant books a short-term period at a respite house to allow the primary caregiver a break. Supports in each space vary greatly as we support people with a broad range of disabilities including intellectual and physical disabilities. In respite we support people to be involved in recreation, new experiences, encourage friendships and to build independence away from their usual accommodation.

Personal care (some supports involve personal care)

In all of Golden City Support Services support areas, there may be the requirement to assist a participant with personal care. This is a broad term used to refer to supporting a person to maintain their personal appearance, toileting, dressing and personal hygiene routines. Golden City Support Services enable participants to complete as much of this routine independently and assist where required – this means that with each individual person there is a different level of assistance needed. Different supports could vary from verbally talking a participant through the steps to brush their own teeth, to assisting a participant with an aid change (hoisting may be required).

Supporting people with complex behavioural needs (including some people on autism spectrum)

In some areas of Golden City Support Services we support participants with complex behavioural needs, with our 5 basis of support frame work paired alongside positive behaviour support.

Positive behaviour support is a well-known and proven strategy to support people with complex behavioural needs to enable those we support to have a self-directed quality of life within their own homes and community settings.

We focus all our supports on the proactive strategies opposed to the reactive strategies based in their own personalised behaviour support plan.

These behaviours can vary from challenging behaviours to behaviours of concern, with the use of the positive behaviour support model and unconditional positive regard for participants it is very rewarding to work in these challenging environments.

Supports can vary from slight redirection when challenging behaviour occurs to using full proactive strategies in the behaviour support plan provided by Golden City Support Services tailored to suit the participant.

Working with complex behavioural needs and using the frameworks provided by Golden City Support Services, it enables the participants to have a self-directed quality of life, and supports them to reach their goals.

If you think that your skills and interests match well to working at Golden City Support Services, please click here to continue on to the next step of the application process.