Understanding Disability Support from Those We Support

Being an effective disability support worker requires that you frame and practice your work by understanding the supports that a person with disability has a right to expect. This means understanding the human rights people with a disability, those ageing in our community and those with a mental health condition have.

Being an effective disability support worker also means working in a person centered way, where the concerns, aspirations and needs of the person with a disability are considered everyday, on every shift.

The National Disability Insurance Commission, in partnership with people with disabilities, has developed an informative disability support module titled “Quality, Safety & You”. Unless you have already completed this module, please click here. You will be asked to register online with the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission and then you will be able to complete the module. Once completed you will be asked to download a copy of a completion certificate.

After completing this module and downloading your completion certificate; if you are still genuinely interested in working in the disability field and for Golden City Support Services click here to continue with your application.