We extend our warmest welcome to you as a new staff member at Golden City Support Services. The work you will do as an employee is essential in supporting individuals to live a quality life, aspire to and achieve life goals.

We will guide you through completing the NDIS “Quality, Safety & You” worker module and then on to your initial induction, which starts you on your GCSS learning journey.

First things first

Before you complete the GCSS induction you need to complete the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission “Quality, Safety & You” worker module. This is NDIS mandated training and complements the GCSS induction which is a requirement for all support workers to have completed.

Completion of the “Quality, Safety & You” worker module is not employer specific. That is to say, it is completed once and is recognised wherever you work as support worker across Australia.

If you haven’t already competed the “Quality, Safety & You” worker module you can access the module here. You will be asked to register online with the NDIS Quality and Safeguard Commission and then you will be able to complete the module.

When you complete the “Quality, Safety & You” worker module you will be able to down load and print a certificate issued by the NDIS Commission. Please email that certificate to recruitment@gcss.org.au

Next: The GCSS induction

The GCSS induction is accessible here. This is the start of your journey of learning with GCSS.