Stays Your Way

A flexible service for people seeking individualised and tailored support

If you are a carer seeking carer support options, Stays Your Way is our flexible, short-term overnight support service. Stays Your Way is an opportunity for your family member to be involved in recreation, new experiences, friendship and build independence away from their usual accommodation.

Stays Your Way is ideal for people who

    • Want experiences tailored to their age, interests, and needs
    • Are seeking opportunities to build independence and enjoy time within the community and/or self-care activities
    • Need focused support to develop new skills and achieve personal goals.

      Where are the Stays Your Way locations?

      Stays Your Way can take place almost anywhere. At one of the Golden City Support Services houses in Bendigo or Gisborne or, with planning, at any accessible location.

      Features of Stays Your Way at One of Our Houses

    • We provide you with individualised support, tailored to your needs
    • Stays Your Way is customised to include events and activities that you like to do
    • We can design small group activities with other people who have similar interests to you
    • Stays Your Way is available 24hours a day, on weekends and weekdays and public holidays
    • We can support you to plan and arrange a holiday or event, go shopping, or follow any specific interests you may have

      Some Activities You May Choose To Do On a Stays Your Way

    • See a band
    • Eat out
    • Attend a show at the theatre
    • Quiet night in with invited friends
    • Chill-out night with a film
    • Attend a sports event
    • Have a night out with friends or link up with family
    • Evening walk
    • Go out for coffee or an ice cream
    • Enjoy local festivals and events

For further information about Stays Your Way – download our brochure or contact us

phone: (+61 3) 5434 2777