This induction is designed to give you some basic understanding of the key GCSS policies and procedures. It is the first step in your learning journey at GCSS which continues through the life of your employment.

It is expected that this induction will take you a full day to complete. You will be paid 1 full  day (7.60 hours) at the completion of this induction, so take your time. There is a fair bit to take in.

To complete the induction you have been provided with a copy of –

  1. The GCSS induction manual
  2. Support Worker Induction Acknowledgment
  3. A suitable internet connection to access training videos as set out below

If you don’t have the booklet, acknowledgment sheet or will struggle with an internet connection, please email

As you complete each section in the booklet initial the corresponding topic on the Support Worker Induction Acknowledgment sheet.

When you get to a section that the acknowledgment sheet indicates there is a video to watch, then click the relevant video link below.

Once you have completed the induction and initialed each section of the Support Worker Induction Acknowledgment sheet, please sign and date the bottom of the sheet and scan or take a photo with your phone and email to

If you have any queries at all please don’t hesitate to email to