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Lee-Ellen at Bendigo Taxis with Creative Links
Where could your could your interest lead?
Creative Links explores what people are interested in and connects them with people and opportunities that extend those interests. Lee-Ellen
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A story of how working together the Bendigo Library and Golden City Support Services enhanced the community's inclusion
How to be inclusive
In a world dominated by screens and social media, libraries are the architecture of community connection. “We have dramatically transformed
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Care for your mental health
Your mental health is important. “How each of us care for our mental health is different,” says Ian McLean CEO
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Love and Blindness Create the Future
One of the best stories of innovation and designing for the future I know is about a blind Contessa and
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Tips to Stay Connected
George had played billiards for years and was a bit sick of it. A friend suggested, “I think you should
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The Garden is the Place to Connect
At the base of Victoria Hill, in Energetic Street you will find the Long Gully Community Garden. Fruit and vegies
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Gary LaVigna is the Clinical Director of the Institute for Applied Behaviour Analysis recently presenting at Golden City Support Services
Positive Behaviour Support Training
Golden City Support Services makes a difference in people’s lives. “We are proud to have the skills of positive behaviour
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Meet me at the gallery at the Bendigo Art Gallery with Golden City Support Services
Create A Fresh Outlook
It was later in life that Jan first got to truly do what she loves, painting. “I remember my introduction
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Bec Davies
The Essential Ingredients for the Best Home Cooked Meals
“Every time I serve up my cooking I feel a buzz. I feel so pleased that I have done it
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The NDIS generates economic benefits for Bendigo
The Economic Benefits of the NDIS in Victoria
National Disability Services and Every Australian Counts have released a paper in 2017 showing the potential scale of the economic
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Glenn and Jon connect to community and the environment with Golden City Support Services
Taradale Community Trees
Have you noticed by the side of the road or on vacant blocks old neglected fruit trees? Jon and Glenn
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Going to the movies with Golden City Support Services
Life is better with friends
What is not to love about escaping into a film with popcorn or a choc-top at the local cinema? Going
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Learning from older people who are socially connected
Importance of social relationships Social relationships are important for people’s quality of life. It is not just that being part
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